Algario is a learning development company focused on delivering innovative customer service tools to financial institutions. Customer-centric frontline employees are key to presenting a differentiated customer experience and to delivering the results needed to be successful.

The Algario Approach

We understand that:

  • Every frontline employee contributes to significantly advancing the sales process, regardless of how much time they have with the client
  • Today’s product-driven conversations inhibit the process of understanding client issues and how ‘you’ can help them
  • Increases in productivity at every stage of the sales and service process have a profound impact on profitability

The Algario approach is centred around the premise that ‘needs development’ can only be successful if it is embedded in a conversation of mutual discovery.

We take everyday requests to complete transactions, compare products/rates or resolve account/service issues and turn them into conversations that allow the sales/referral process to continue.


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