Algario's Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a concept that integrates the theoretical and practical elements of learning. It's an approach that emphasizes 'experience' as a fundamental component of individual learning.

And it's an approach that has guided our development of the PowerLearn™ Sales Development System.

Experiential learning provides students with a structure that facilitates an opportunity to learn concepts and reflect on concepts that have an application within their own experiences, beliefs and assumptions.

Add to that the wealth of experience a good facilitator brings to the situation and you have a formula that can be applied to any role... any product... and to all skill levels.

At Algario, we have focused our efforts on Sales and Service skills development and built the bridge between practical experience and theoretical conceptualization. We ensure Sales and Service teams end up with an understanding of how they can apply sales concepts to their own situation and continue to grow based on their own critical reflection of their experiences.


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