A Measurable ROI

The PowerLearn™ System is certified by CAAMP (Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals) and IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada).

This recognition of the program's performance and ability to support the needs of financial sales and service people is further substantiated by our customers.

Gerald Krahn, VP & Principal Broker, TMG The Mortgage Group:

Question Based Selling will place you on a higher level with your clients. You will be able to pique your clients' curiosity, understand what their key issues and implications are and provide a viable solution to each unique client. The framework when adopted correctly will increase your total transactions?and closing ratios.

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced broker the PowerLearn system will help grow your business. When adopting the Question Based Selling techniques, you will be able to engage both your existing and new referral sources on a higher level that will strengthen your relationship while setting yourself apart from everyone else.

Steve Clarke, Director of Sales, TMG The Mortgage Group:

Algario represents a paradigm shift for the salesperson, shifting the focus to what truly matters to the prospect. Mortgage originators with Algario training will close appreciably more sales when they apply their newfound knowledge in client conversations.

The Algario program instructs a mortgage salesperson seeking referral relationships to stand out as a unique, refreshing partner keenly interested in solving their prospect's business issues. Applying the strategies learned during this course, mortgage originators can undoubtedly increase their income by converting cold calls to solid relationships.

Sandra Leigh, Director Organizational Development, Alterna Savings:

The salespeople are seeing some tremendous results:
  • We are now having mutually beneficial conversations that are uncovering opportunities
  • We have an increase in referrals to other internal lines of business
  • We have increased our ability in outbound calling resulting in a significant increase in member call-backs
  • We are having more 'side by sides' where the manager/coach will work alongside an employee as he/she meets with our members and they are able to provide real time coaching based on the learning
  • Our salespeople are sharing best practices and debriefing their challenges in the team coaching calls which has proven to be a very valuable source of learning and sharing
  • We have seen an increase in confidence
  • There is a lot of 'buzz' as our staff share stories, discuss learning and generally demonstrate 'Algario-speak' in their daily conversations and team huddles
  • Our leaders have increased their coaching skills and confidence in leading sales
  • Both staff and leaders have increased their skills in interacting using the Question Based Selling™ approach
  • We have also started to see a significant increase in the sales of our product lines"

Dan Pultr, Vice-President Sales, TMG The Mortgage Group:

By utilizing the tools taught in the PowerLearn program and Question Based Selling, agents will be more comfortable when prospecting and making cold calls to potential referral partners. By utilizing their techniques an agent will be able to more efficiently identify opportunities, propose valuable solutions and reduce the number of un-returned phone calls and e-mails.

The PowerLearn program and Question Based Selling is a valuable resource for any agent looking to improve their relationship with prospects. The systematic approach to initiating relationships and building credibility will help accelerate the amount of time to it takes to build? a client's trust and help avoid losing them to competitors through the sales process.

Massimo Noce, Senior Director, President's Choice Financial:

Dave brings a terrific blend of efficiency, speed to market, agility and hands-on assistance to his clients. I've had the pleasure of working with him on two key initiatives. After implementing his eLearning program, sales effectiveness grew by over 60% in the first year. Furthermore, his Algario PowerLearn™ Sales Development System resulted in significant improvements in customer call-backs and closed sales. The programs are great, but the implementation and customized approach are outstanding and help drive results.

Sonny Basi, Director, Western Canada, CIBC:

Our organization used the Algario PowerLearn™ Sales Development System which included Question Based Selling™. Our results after the learning showed an uplift in sales activities, client call-back ratio and overall confidence with our sales staff. Dave is a wealth of knowledge and was easy to work with to determine our training needs. I have no reservations about recommending Dave and the Algario PowerLearn™ Sales Development System training.

Nick Direnzo, SVP – Personal Banking Services, Alterna Savings:

... Algario and its Question Based Selling™ approach has turned our staff onto the many sales and service opportunities that exist in every encounter they have. We are starting to see much improved results in call-backs, referrals, appointments, and sales using the technique of creating curiosity in the individual with whom you are speaking. Most importantly our frontline people are experiencing a greater degree of confidence which is so critical to being successful...

Bryan Rothery, Director Business Performance, Alterna Savings (21 Years as Branch Manager, TD Canada Trust):

The main reason why we wanted to implement the PowerLearn™ Program was because it offered a way to introduce a level of sales effectiveness that broke the mold... and, as a brand manager, we recognized that none of the major banks had anything like this.

Bob Tillmann, Vice President, Manulife One:

David Batchelor (Algario President) has demonstrated to me consistently his interest in understanding the needs of our business and using that knowledge to deliver timely, effective, and quality programs.

Gary Laughlin, Regional Vice President, Mortgage Sales Force, RBC Royal Bank:

I find you and your team of professionals to be well schooled, knowledgeable, detail oriented and extremely competent. The scope of Algario's background, as well as your general knowledge of related fields, enriched our program and produced an exceptional end result.

Julia Henry, Personal Banker, Alterna Savings:

I couldn't believe it... Algario has helped me from COMMODITIZING myself. I didn't want to be one of those cookie-cutter types of bankers. By using Diagnostic questions... I was able to stand out from the crowd.... I continued with Issue and Implication questions and this made our customers happy that someone was not just looking out for the FI but that their needs were being addressed.... I was just happy that I avoided commoditizing myself, I was able to have a more productive conversation and I have managed to increase my customer's loyalty to our company.

Wendy Burkin, Director, Learning and Development, CIBC Retail Markets:

David Batchelor has demonstrated to me consistently his interest in understanding the needs of our business and using that knowledge to deliver timely, effective, and quality programs, that produce results for our business partners.


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