Integrated Coaching

Students learn skills online in easily digestible components – without overloading the student or taking employees off their jobs for extended periods of time – usually an hour a week.

After applying the skills with customers during the week, we engage in team collaboration sessions that reinforce behaviors and share successes and best practices.

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The PowerLearn™ Coach the Coach System ensures access to a certified and scalable base of PowerLearn Coaches. Not only do we transfer knowledge to in-house managers and coaches for program excellence and sustainability, we provide a comprehensive Coaching Assessment Program to ensure quality delivery that matches designated performance standards.

Coaching Skills Tools are built around a sales framework that shows results through:

  • An online Coaching Console and Measurement Dashboards
  • Student Successes, Transcripts, Skill Development Measurements
  • Coaching Team Reviews and Insight
  • Weekly Coaching Tips
  • Automated Coaching Communication and Resources


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