The PowerLearn™ System

Experience the Difference

Success of any program requires three elements if it is to deliver sustainable and meaningful improvement. You need:

  1. A way to embed a proven skill methodology in a manner that is both easy to deliver and administer.
  2. A supporting framework that guides all participants – both during the program and well after.
  3. A way to measure the results and prove the effectiveness of your investment.

We provide the integrated ingredients that ensure Sales and Service personnel build and use the skills that allow the sales process to continue, while improving their overall productivity at every stage of the sales process.

Skill Methodology Layered Learning Process Progressive Coaching Model
  • Personalizes and adapts to all customer-facing roles
  • Wraps an effectiveness layer around your current sales process
  • Builds layered skills based on Question Based Selling™ techniques
  • A tightly integrated deployment that ties together:
    • Systematic communications
    • Adaptive eLearning delivery
    • Dynamic measurement of results and progress at every stage of the learning journey
    • Managed coaching and guidance
  • Lead by Certified Algario Coaches
  • Assimilated in real-time by in-house client managers/coaches – 'learn while doing'
  • Supported by Metric Dashboards in real time
32 years in banking sales and 6 different sales programs, and I have never seen a program that has helped me build my business like this one


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