Our Approach: Question Based Selling™

B2B and B2C companies have invested time and money in developing sales and service processes and are understandably reluctant to walk away from that investment.

The good news is that there is no need to walk away from these investments.

Question Based Selling, Sales process, Effectiveness Layer

Our approach starts with wrapping our Question Based Selling™ Methodology around your existing sales process – adding an 'effectiveness layer' to enhance what you already have in place and to improve the productivity of each and every sales and service person.

We build on your sales process by taking everyday, real-life customer inquiries to:

  • Purchases and Orders
  • Products and solutions
  • Account related issues

... and turn them into conversations that take control of the discussion and fuel an active and qualified sales, service and referral process.

In essence, we equip employees with a repeatable way to conduct everyday conversations that deliver the desired results... and improve their productivity.


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