Better Productivity

Our end goal is to deliver measureable and sustainable productivity improvements across all frontline employees.

Transforming sales and service behaviours at every stage of the sales process ensures that every customer conversation delivers incremental value. Addressing both the effectiveness and the efficiency of these conversations is a dynamic combination that not only produces results, but also builds towards a truly differentiated customer experience.


Better client conversations translate into:

  • Improving frontline confidence at all stages of the sales process
  • Improving key productivity measures at every stage of the sales process
  • Increasing referrals from frontline employees to product specialists
  • Engaging customers and mutually discovering needs beyond their initial customer request
  • Generating more responses from proactive contact (face-to-face, phone calls, e-mail)
  • Improving customer loyalty and repeat business opportunities
  • Reducing the time required to close sales

Measured Client Results

  • Reduction in outgoing Transfers and Redemptions
  • Dramatic upturn in Switches from competitors
  • Escalating confidence and engagement in the sales process across all roles


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