What Are We Solving?

The ideal customer experience has been studied, documented, planned and processed for many years – we know 'what' to do, but as sales and service professionals, many of us struggle with 'how' to do it.

The PowerLearn™ Focus

What we Solve We differentiate bank staff from competitors by introducing a new type of client conversation   
  • Employees learn how to:
    • Move a transaction, 'rate' question or complaint past the initial client request
    • Replace product-driven conversations with ones that address customer needs
  • Managers/coaches become proficient at ensuring that the skills are well entrenched
Behaviours we change We evolve how sales and service personnel approach each and every customer interaction   
  • Employees learn how to:
    • Take control of customer conversations to make them more productive for both the bank and the customer
    • Master question-based selling skills
    • Uncover and use information to direct a sales/service conversation
    • Engage in conversations that result in a mutually beneficial outcome

Employing a process that adapts to the scenarios each and every frontline employee faces on a daily basis, we provide a repeatable process and the necessary skills to deliver immediate results

In essence, we change behaviours that increase effectiveness at every stage of the sales process. We encourage sales and service employees to make every conversation count – whether it is a referral or a sale – and differentiate the customer experience in the process.


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